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CUAUV was my first experience working on a relatively complex robotics project, an underwater robot with a 50-person team consisting of about 15 software team members. (I had competed in high school robotics, but I was leading a relatively small 3-person team.) The objective of CUAUV is to produce a robot to compete in the international RoboSub competition. The competition consists of a series of tasks of varying difficulty, which a fully autonomous robot can choose to complete in order to gain points. As a team member, I developed an interest in computer vision, researching topics such as graph-based image segmentation to enable object detection invariant to lighting conditions and visual egomotion in order to caculate velocity without an expensive sonar sensor. I implemented simple proof-of-concept prototype algorithms for both of these.

As the competition takes in July, some team members opt to stay on-campus over the summer to work on the robot. I opted to stay during Summer 2016 as a sophmore. I worked extensively on computer vision algorithms and high-level state machine and control logic to to complete the “Torpedoes” task at RoboSub 2016. The task consisted of identifing targets labeled with letters, removing a physical cover from a target, and shooting plastic projectiles at targets with specified letters. I spent nearly all of my time that summer writing computer vision code, testing and collecting logs in the pool, and revising and re-desgining code as needed to account for new failure modes, re-running against the collected log data, and finally re-testing in the pool.

I had a fantastic experience attending RoboSub 2016, speaking with other teams about how they had approached the challenges and watching my code manuver the vehicle around the obstacle course. I was super excited when our team acheived third place.

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