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I spent my senior year of undergrad working in the Robotic Personal Asisstants Lab on the socially competent navigation project. My role was to move the project from a set of simulations running in Matlab to Python code running on a ROS robot in real-time. I designed a system which enabled modular swapping of different person perception and social navigation algorithms in order to gauge real-world performance.

In order to compare a range on algorithms, some which assumed certain motion constraints and some which did not, we converged on defining the action which an algorithm would take as an arbitrary velocity vector, which the framework would convert into wheel velocities using a feedback linearization approach. Additional constraints e.g. velocity magnitude constraint could be enforced by the framework in order to suit the platform being used.

I also implemented the lab’s novel Social Momentum algorithm inside this framework, as well as ORCA using the RVO library in order to demonstrate the interopability of the framework, as well as to enable comparison between different algorithms.

The project is currently using the framework I designed in order to run a series of in-lab experiements with people to evaluate the algorithm performance.

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